This is What I Do

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This is what i do when I’m not really working my ass out.

I try so hard,I see deep things,I felt things that never I never feel before,I’m seeing things in the nights,I’m feeling things when i’m driving alone,I have nightmares almost every night,I have scary dying nightmares almost every night.My eyesight is fading,I’m getting “rabun”, My hair is growing,but they kept falling.My nails are short,but they’re getting longer.My stomach is aching and i don’t know why.

I’ve lost the urge to shoot these days, I’ve lost the love to hold my camera,my tool.
Maybe it’s all about the money after all.Damynn!!! and i’m getting sick every month,on a monthly basis.(macam punchcard la plak)

Skateboarding Flare

* Pendek S.P doing fakie five-o to fakie out,it’s kinda sketchy since the curb are so grungy…eh I’m rhyming ya’ll.It’s on the rooftop, like the last 3 pictures i’ve did. I’m merely recycling pictures these days.I won’t consider this thing as photography, i will call it photo manipulation. since i’ve had to add and crop, it won’t be photography anymore.I’ve changed the original value of the picture,I’m killing the sense of lame photography that i’ve doned,I am hungry, Hungry for the things that i can’t achive


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