Ignorance is Bliss

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Well i don’t have enough sleep lately,lets say, I never get enough sleep during weekdays.Hehe,It’s not i’m that busy.It’s just i got a lot of things to do,work,home socialization with my housemates.That thing took like 3 hours or something.And i always arrived late,like 12 or something,then we started talking,things that never ever related to our lives, in a sense it’s bulltshit.Well today at the office i managed to get some sleep,yeah that’s right.Sleeping at the office, a big offensive, but managed to get it through.

Well i take this shot during the paintball adventure production meetings,just trying out my new strobe setup.Going to get an another one at the end of this month, so have to additional lights to improve the scene, I need the ambient plus the cross light, here’s a layout i’ve draft,it’s just a simple lighting.The flash are put on 1/6 with an white umbrella, while the spotlight,can’t set the spotlight though.So just put it on 😀
No diffuser needed 😀

A big help from strobist.com


Written by azamsaad

June 12, 2008 at 10:44 am

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