Ignorance is Bliss

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Well i don’t have enough sleep lately,lets say, I never get enough sleep during weekdays.Hehe,It’s not i’m that busy.It’s just i got a lot of things to do,work,home socialization with my housemates.That thing took like 3 hours or something.And i always arrived late,like 12 or something,then we started talking,things that never ever related to our lives, in a sense it’s bulltshit.Well today at the office i managed to get some sleep,yeah that’s right.Sleeping at the office, a big offensive, but managed to get it through.

Well i take this shot during the paintball adventure production meetings,just trying out my new strobe setup.Going to get an another one at the end of this month, so have to additional lights to improve the scene, I need the ambient plus the cross light, here’s a layout i’ve draft,it’s just a simple lighting.The flash are put on 1/6 with an white umbrella, while the spotlight,can’t set the spotlight though.So just put it on 😀
No diffuser needed 😀

A big help from strobist.com


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June 12, 2008 at 10:44 am

Paintball Event – Need some photo for the promotional

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Need some photo for the promotional

I need some photo for the promotional stuffs i’m doing for Flora Fest Paintball, I have to start from sketch.And i’m really low on budget,plus I don’t have enough equipment..let say, an another flash or two.Last night i just use a single strobe with umbrella and a construction spotlight.Thats it,can’t get enough lighting for a big  scene.

View Large http://img386.imageshack.us/img386/488/thisaintphotography2ix9.jpg

View Large http://img186.imageshack.us/img186/8506/uploadedkw5.jpg

So the next step, I’m going to get an another vivitar,and maybe try to get some money for a wide lens..really need that thing for wide wide photography 😀

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June 11, 2008 at 12:53 pm

This ain’t no photography #2

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Gritty Experimentation

This is what i do,recycle image.This happens when i’m not out there with my camera,and i’m on the sofa watching tv.This is what i did,i digg up some old pictures and do them,i mean i really do them.This one is full of noise,shoot this using high iso.
I really need to go out and shoot something.

* Syuk with a varial-heelflip off a small ramp,he nailled it first try,

Iso 800
Pop Up Flash
High Pass + Burn and Dodge + overlay,crops,motion blur,gradient

http://img227.imageshack.us/img227/404/noiseql4.jpg for full size

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June 8, 2008 at 11:50 am

My Friend’s Wedding

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Just finished editing/cropping my friend wedding shoot,last sunday to be exact.The wedding reception is kindda hectic, all the wrong place, the wrong timing, the late submission,the long talking “kadi” all add up to my stress level,I didn’t get much sleep the night before.Trying out my new speedlight (430Ex), i got that thing one day before the wedding.And the long working hours really takes it toll on that beautiful morning.Hence a cup of coffee from the bride kitchen and a plate of *nasi goreng just make it worst.I’m feeling really sleepy after that heavy breakfast.

Here’s on of the picture that i’ve taken.Will update on the this wedding picture after i get things sorted out with my partner.We have to sort out which picture is the best for prints,around 140 of them.It’s going to be really hard sorting out pictures.

I’ll post the rest of the pic’s on this coming friday,or may earlier. Depends on my schedule, I’m going to be super busy this month,maybe the whole 3 months.Just finished a meeting with my event manager, we’re going to handle Flora Fest Paintball event.Going to be a hard long life this year…argggghhh

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June 5, 2008 at 6:06 pm

Sloppy Day – Product Photography

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I went for a journey today, as early as 5.30 am.Fetch up Mant,his gf,send them,rush back to the office.Then I’m bundle-up with a logo assigment,flora fest to be exact.

I’m too tired, too hungry, to sloppy today,then another job come in, product photo for the new rental marker that just arrived from the states.Air Challenger Mechanical marker, used for parks only.It’s cheap,reliable and durable.I guess, i don’t have any idea how to play or use a marker.

Well, just a simple setup, I’ve told my boss that we don’t have any lighting to go with this product photography. (it will be if you can buy me an another flash for this thing)
So i just gamble my way in, put up a banner, the backside front.Then activate the new 430 ex, hehe..I just bounce the lights around, but the outcome is kindda ulgy,so the solution i guess. HDR that thing, make some exposure in photoshop then merge it in photomatix,tonemapped.Then walla, a nice decent photo for 20 minits, no cost.

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June 5, 2008 at 6:00 pm

This is What I Do

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This is what i do when I’m not really working my ass out.

I try so hard,I see deep things,I felt things that never I never feel before,I’m seeing things in the nights,I’m feeling things when i’m driving alone,I have nightmares almost every night,I have scary dying nightmares almost every night.My eyesight is fading,I’m getting “rabun”, My hair is growing,but they kept falling.My nails are short,but they’re getting longer.My stomach is aching and i don’t know why.

I’ve lost the urge to shoot these days, I’ve lost the love to hold my camera,my tool.
Maybe it’s all about the money after all.Damynn!!! and i’m getting sick every month,on a monthly basis.(macam punchcard la plak)

Skateboarding Flare

* Pendek S.P doing fakie five-o to fakie out,it’s kinda sketchy since the curb are so grungy…eh I’m rhyming ya’ll.It’s on the rooftop, like the last 3 pictures i’ve did. I’m merely recycling pictures these days.I won’t consider this thing as photography, i will call it photo manipulation. since i’ve had to add and crop, it won’t be photography anymore.I’ve changed the original value of the picture,I’m killing the sense of lame photography that i’ve doned,I am hungry, Hungry for the things that i can’t achive